To be recognized as best-in-class and the operator of choice in all areas and communities in which we work.


To create value for our people, shareholders, partners and community by operating with integrity and in an environmentally conscientious manner.  Our mission is to WIN...RIGHT! 

Core Values


We act responsibly and are accountable as individuals and as a company; We adhere to the highest moral standards in dealing with our stakeholders; We operate with ethics and fairness and comply with all required rules and regulations; We do what we say and say what we do.


We apply industry best standards in our work; Our people are competent and hardworking; We adhere to the highest standards of our profession and adopt best practices; We recognize and celebrate achievements. 


We have respect for all people regardless of age, designation, and gender; We work in an environment that fosters effective communication and interact courteously with all our stakeholders; We respect the customs of the communities in which we operate. 


We have a strong desire for improving performance and are constantly looking for ways to do so; We think outside of the box because we aren't confined to a box; We think differently and strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity to everything we do.


Empowerment integrates personal empowerment, responsibility, accountability and shared risk taking;  We do not view empowerment as a static event, but rather a dynamic evolutionary process in which our team and management operate; Our people are results oriented and pay the utmost attention to quality and detail. 


We work together towards a shared vision and recognize that we can achieve more through collaboration; We leverage individual strengths and diversity to be more productive.